How to be a Fangirl


If you haven’t suffered the severe case of being a fangirl, then I’m absolutely sure that you are not human.

Everyone has that inner fangirl (or fanboy) within them. It could be an actor, band, author, fictional character, tv series, movies or mostly anything that gives you a manic admiration towards a person or thing.

This so-called “fangirling” sensation is crazy. I’ve been through this time and time again and it always feel like I’m undergoing the same process. The same cycle. Now, I know what your thinking, “Hold up, Marian. So you mean to say there is a “cycle” on being a fangirl??” Uhh, yes. I think there is. And If you want to know how I’m going to back up my hypothesis, I’ve listed a few symptoms observations on how a real fangirl/fanboy acts in their natural habitat. (Note: The phases are not necessarily in order. It really depends on the person).

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Does college even matter?

tumblr_mbr81j9aWF1qery84College hasn’t been easy lately. I’ve been getting busier and busier each day, and most of the time I have emotional breakdowns due to stress and peer pressure. Sometimes I go through a state of existential crisis. I wonder what’s the point of it all—I go to college, get good grades, graduate, get a job, and then what? grow old and die? wow, sounds like a boring life all planned out.

I don’t understand why most students (including me and my friends) are always pressured to get high grades. I mean, sure, getting good grades is cool, but isn’t education suppose to encourage us to learn rather than to pressure us to get high scores that won’t even matter 10 years from now?  All I did was memorize. Memorize this, memorize that. I hate it.

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Busy Bee


I miss blogging. It’s been a while since I last opened up this virtual space, and now here I am. Free.

Quick life updates happening right now (and also some things that already happened):

1. Christmas Break. Two weeks finally dedicated to watching my favorite TV series and reading books. What annoys me though is that my mother tells me to do house chores everyday. I know I should be an obedient daughter and all, but it’s CHRISTMAS BREAK. The only time wherein I can escape from the drudgery of school works and just relax. Other than that, it feels really weird that it’s already the 23rd of December and I’m still not feeling the “Christmas vibes” yet. I don’t know what is wrong with me.

2. Writing Opportunities. If you read my previous blog posts, you must have known that I’ve recently joined Arriane’s blogging challenges. The reason behind that was because months ago, I applied to her writer’s pool for her blog; and then after a few days I received this wonderful email:

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“I am selfless. I am brave.” 

Beatrice (or more commonly known as “Tris”) is the main character in Veronica Roth’s hit book trilogy, Divergent. Tris is the type of girl who is unpredictable. She is intelligent, selfless and most of all, fearless. I truly admire the way Veronica Roth carved out her personality; because if she was real person, then I wouldn’t mind on meeting her and ask for some advice.

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