Busy Bee


I miss blogging. It’s been a while since I last opened up this virtual space, and now here I am. Free.

Quick life updates happening right now (and also some things that already happened):

1. Christmas Break. Two weeks finally dedicated to watching my favorite TV series and reading books. What annoys me though is that my mother tells me to do house chores everyday. I know I should be an obedient daughter and all, but it’s CHRISTMAS BREAK. The only time wherein I can escape from the drudgery of school works and just relax. Other than that, it feels really weird that it’s already the 23rd of December and I’m still not feeling the “Christmas vibes” yet. I don’t know what is wrong with me.

2. Writing Opportunities. If you read my previous blog posts, you must have known that I’ve recently joined Arriane’s blogging challenges. The reason behind that was because months ago, I applied to her writer’s pool for her blog; and then after a few days I received this wonderful email:


Truthfully, I wasn’t expecting that I would make it to the shortlist but what the heck. I took the chance and laid out my cards. Although I didn’t win the challenges, I think the experience did help me discover myself more. I didn’t know I was capable of doing some “serious” (sort of??) articles. I’m usually informal, believe me. I sounded different in those previous blog posts and it was really challenging for me because I have to stick with a certain theme. But over-all, it was fun. If I didn’t make it to the writer’s pool this time, I can always try again. What made me really happy was that Arriane visited my blog and commented on my post!!  I know it’s shallow, but the feeling that a brilliant writer like her told you that you have done a great job is really heartwarming.

Another writing opportunity that I came across was when I applied in an organization in college. I was applying for the ushers committee but the interviewer told me that I’m more suited in another committee, which is the Publications. I was so thrilled when I found out that I was in and I can’t wait to help out on writing scripts/articles for the organization next year!! hooray.

3. Exercising and Dieting. I was never weight conscious before, but now I am. Ever since the first day of December, I did the extra mile and woke up earlier than the usual, in order to exercise. everyday. for real. I’m even surprised I haven’t quit yet. My key motivation is to be fit and ready for military science two. I wasn’t really in shape during military science one; so I’m training now so that I can be more prepared (faster and stronger at least) for the next term. In addition, I also want to lose my belly fat. Sometimes I feel like I’m a walking blob in the house and it’s just sad.


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