Photo Diary: My First Local Adventure









With the hustle and bustle in the city these days, my mother and I decided to take a break from the busy streets of Manila, and head on to a more tranquil locality: Visayas!—on which I proclaim the land of many trees, beaches, and parties (seriously, there were a lot of booming fiestas each time we passed a barrio) .

Without any waste, we spent our days exploring the beautiful island from corner to corner. Island hopping, swimming and (of course) eating were the main highlight of my vacation. I loved the part wherein I got to witness the sunset at the beach—it was absolutely breathtaking. Other than that, the night life in Boracay was exhilarating. The front beach was really crowded with night owls who definitely knew how to party. Maybe we should name Boracay as the beach that never sleeps. There’s just so much to do. so much to see. I certainly assure you that you won’t get bored if you know what I mean. Cheers!


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