How to be a Fangirl


If you haven’t suffered the severe case of being a fangirl, then I’m absolutely sure that you are not human.

Everyone has that inner fangirl (or fanboy) within them. It could be an actor, band, author, fictional character, tv series, movies or mostly anything that gives you a manic admiration towards a person or thing.

This so-called “fangirling” sensation is crazy. I’ve been through this time and time again and it always feel like I’m undergoing the same process. The same cycle. Now, I know what your thinking, “Hold up, Marian. So you mean to say there is a “cycle” on being a fangirl??” Uhh, yes. I think there is. And If you want to know how I’m going to back up my hypothesis, I’ve listed a few symptoms observations on how a real fangirl/fanboy acts in their natural habitat. (Note: The phases are not necessarily in order. It really depends on the person).

  • Phase 1: Denial. Denial is always the first step before I dive into a fandom. At first you’re like, “Nope. I’m not interested in this band. Not one bit. They sound annoying.” Then after a few weeks of playing on the radio, you get trapped by its catchy tune and find yourself jamming to the beat. Soon enough, you realized you were wrong. This band is awesome. Not all mainstream bands are lame. You begin to think you like this band……while the back of your mind also thinks you’re totally screwed. You can’t escape the dark vortex of fandom. You will definitely not float. You will only get sucked in deeper and deeper which will bring you to…
  • Phase 2: Wikipedia. We all know Wikipedia is not really a reliable source for information but come on, it’s 2014! Our generation has no time to scan through the second page of Google for a legit biography. Now since Wikipedia is basically the first website that will pop on your search engine, you do the obvious by clicking it. You then check on the basic stats such as the age, birthday, awards, early life, success story, blah blah blah…until you’d finally become an expert on your specimen.


Congratulations! You may now move on to….

  • Phase 3: Stalking 24/7. Ok, not really 24/7. I exaggerated. Perhaps only a few minutes of everyday. Anyway, this phase is like the peak of your obsession. You are in the zone here. This is the point wherein you are keen to hit that follow button on their social media accounts and constantly wait for any updates. This is the point wherein you desperately attempt to get noticed by asking for a follow back or either joining their Q&A sessions (even if you’re against a million fangirls). This is the point wherein you decided to make their high quality photos your cellphone wallpaper. This is the point wherein you also decided to join a fan page or “groupie”. This is the point wherein you edit your social media account bio and type “Married to/Property of  -insert celebrity’s name here-”  This is the point wherein you make or read fan fiction. But to sum it all up, this phase is where you have an orgasm. It’s the best and worst stage of a fangirl, really.


  • Phase 4: Moving On. Some fangirls don’t reach this stage….but I do. The longest fangirl obsession I had was like a month (or was it two months? idk). And it’s not that I absolutely got over with my fandom…it was just that I’m not obsessed as I used to be. It evaporates when time comes. Here is when you eventually find a new obsession and go back to phase one.


And there you have it. Not sure how to end this post but if I missed anything out or if you want to share your fangirl experience, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below :)


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