Heroes of Today

615x408xyolanda-supplies-aircraft.jpg.pagespeed.ic.TQa6DmoOrZFilipinos are resilient like a bamboo. No matter how strong the storm is, they are always ready to bounce back.

We all heard the news about the victims of the super typhoon, Yolanda. It was one heartbreaking event that I think no one will ever forget.

Since I don’t want to dwell on this tragic news, for this blog post, I decided pass on the spotlight to those people who are helping the victims of this calamity (a.k.a. our modern-day heroes/heroines! woohoo)

Every society has heroes. Whether you are one of those people who are: a) donating or packing relief goods, b) volunteering to help the victims in Tacloban, c) selling items in your online shop or creating a lemonade stand to donate your money, d) praying for the victims or e) doing other amazing ways to help out –  I think you deserve a good pat on the back for unleashing your inner superman/superwoman! *pat pat*

For me, heroes are those people who make a difference. Usually, when people think of “heroes”, it would immediately pop in their mind that those are the people that have a strong muscular body that has cool capes and super powers. But in contrast, the real heroes are actually more than that. Heroes do extraordinary acts that make them invincible. And by extraordinary, I mean those people have the courage to step up and offer themselves selflessly for their country.

To our fellow heroes/heroines, I want you to know that I truly salute you. You not only served your country, but you also set out a good example to the nation as well. Through your acts, you are able to shed some light on this tragedy. You gave the victims hope and comfort. And you also gave the people an inspiration that unity can do great things and drive them to move.

Stay strong, Philippines. Do remember that together, we will rise again. Stronger. Wiser. And more happier :)



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