Moving Forward

If there’s one thing I can remember from my mother’s long
yet knowledgeable—speeches, it would be her words wisdom: to always finish what you started.

Let’s admit it. We all have those moments wherein we come up with a brilliant idea to do something, but then over some time we tend to neglect or abandon our task because somehow our motivation fades away.

Back in my childhood, I already had this bad habit. My mother used to enroll me in various workshops—such as singing, swimming, ballet, taekwondo, etc—and sadly, I wasn’t able to finish either of them. That’s when my mother started to call me the Jack of all trades—master of none.

And it didn’t stop there. There were also loads of other things that I promised to accomplish but never really did. Take in, for example, a new year’s resolution (we all been a victim here, yes?). I used to say that I would “exercise” every morning—till the end of the year (haha really, Marian. WHO ARE YOU KIDDING)—and little did I know, I easily gave up as soon as February stepped in (a.k.a. back to my couch potato life). Then another thing was blogging. Before I settled here in WordPress, I had this habit of switching blogging platforms; which I find it stupid because the constant switching didn’t get me anywhere.

So what made me gave up so easily? Was I lazy back then? Was the task too difficult? or did I have no interest right from the beginning. Whatever the reason may be, I knew this had to stop. I dared myself that once I embark on a new project, I should strongly commit to it with true passion.


As what Gail Devers once said, every accomplishment starts with a decision to try. Sometimes people find it easier to quit when the road seems rough, but I tell you, the secret to overcome that dark path is to make your fears, worries and mistakes your motivation. You have to power to conquer any challenges you might face, as long you know what you are aiming for.

Starting today, I want to do things that my future self would thank me for—and you should too! If we always back down when we face a problem, then surely we will never be able to taste success. It’s about time we say goodbye to our half-hearted works and worries; and JUST DO IT (Nike)! But really, in all seriousness, never ever ever give up. No stop sign should keep you from reaching your goals. And if it doesn’t work out, well, don’t force it. Take it as experience. You know what they say, it’s better to try than do nothing at all.

Perhaps this post might even inspire you *crosses fingers*; because as far as I know, this post was really hard to write due to my intense writer’s block—but that didn’t stop me right?! Now look!! I made it!


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Speaking of accomplishments, I think I deserve a good pat on the back because HOORAY! I’m finally finished my first WanderrGirl Blogging Challenge! Woot woot!

You can join too and share your daring story! Go hit the image below! It’s certainly worth a shot :)



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