State of Ecstasy

img_20130808_2301091When people don’t see anything special about you, maybe there is.”

Last night I went to my first ever concert and it was totally amazing!!! (actually, amazing is even an understatement). No words can fully describe how wonderful that night was. It felt surreal; and it was the first time in my entire life that I actually felt so ALIVE.

Fall Out Boy is definitely my all time favorite band. I love every song in every album. And yeah, I probably sound like an obsessive hardcore fangirl right now, but I don’t care. They were (and still is) fantastic. It was the way that Patrick Stump sang his heart out. It was the way that Pete Wentz charmed the fans. It was the way that Joe Trohman rocked out on his guitar. It was the way Andy Hurley kicked-ass on his drums. Finally, it was the way they made the crowd sing, dance, jump, scream, and go wild!!

Being part of the wild crowd, I then fully realized how ecstasy felt. I almost thought I would faint during the middle of the concert. But thankfully, I didn’t. Even though I didn’t get to meet and greet the band, I’m really happy I got to see them (from a far distance that is). HAHAHAHAHA but who am I kidding?! I wanted to touch them! and hug them! and kiss them?!?! (woah Marian pls). I regret not buying a standing ticket (even though I might turn out to be really broke) and not being absent in order to go to trinoma for the M&G (even though I would miss out on my long test). It just seems so much to miss out on this once in a life time opportunity.


On the positive note, here were the highlights of my night:

  • My friend and I bought a general admission ticket, but we actually made a way for us to get in the Upper/Lower box area! Haha talk about badass! (But it’s not only us okay, other fans started it first so don’t blame us hehe)
  • That moment when the crowd did the wave.
  • GLOW STICKS. Glow sticks everywhere.
  • When Patrick Stump said he has a wife (I died. No kidding)
  • When Pete Wentz said he likes chicken adobo. (I’m like OMG I’MMA COOK CHICKEN ADOBO FOR YOU EVERYDAY PLS TAKE ME)
  • When Patrick Stump said “Mabuhay?!?” (I found that really cute and just wanted to hug him)
  • That “arms race” moment
  • When they played the song Death Valley
  • When Pete Wentz (or was it Patrick?!) said that they serve as our “anti-heroes” for us weirdos. MY FEELS AND TEARS PLS.
  • wait why did I even start making a list?!? THE WHOLE CONCERT WAS MY HIGHLIGHT

Right now, I’m still suffering from post concert depression and back pain. It’s sad to think that a certain event has now become a memory. If ever they will come back *crosses fingers* I will surely watch again.


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