So far, so good


College is really different compared to high school. New school, new uniform, new schedule, new teachers, new classmates, new set of friends…..but guess what? It’s not that bad after all!

The first week of college was a bit of a drag for me. I had to get used to commuting going to school at the same time wearing 2 inch heels around the campus (and maannn, that was really tiring). When I met my blockmates I was really super shy. I didn’t know anyone from my school and thought that I might turn out to be a loner. But luckily, I didn’t. It turns out that most of my blockmates are friendly and I got to make some new friends that I can feel comfortable with. I like my friends. They’re smart, kind, and funny. And I know it’s too soon to say this but even though we’ve only met for a couple of months, I’m really glad I met them. They taught me some cool things and I do hope I get to know them more.

My school, on the other hand, is awesome!! I love my school. Although I often times get loaded with homeworks and projects, I do think my school gives quality education. All my professors are okay and I’m even more motivated to do my best. This quote from my Filipino professor inspires me each day:

“Ang buhay ay hindi naman puno ng matatalino. Pwede ka maging “successful” kahit hindi ka matalino basta ikaw ay masipag. (English: Life isn’t only full of people who are intelligent. One can be successful even if they aren’t intelligent as long as they are hardworking) “

Well that’s all for now. I’m glad I was able to update my blog today. I don’t want it to be dead again so I guess I’ll update it from time to time (once a month?!?! haha). Off to my priorities! Cheerio~


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