A New Chapter

I don’t really know what to feel about college. I know I should be excited or nervous about it, but somehow I just feel like I want to crawl back to high school. People say college is more of the “serious” type of studying because it prepares us for our future jobs and all…but then I look at myself and say “me? serious?!? me? a college student?!? HAHA”. It feels so soon and I’m not even sure if I’m one hundred percent ready.

When I think of myself on how I was in the past months (back to when I was still filling out application forms in different colleges) I kind of hate myself for being so stupid. You see, most of my friends and batchmates applied to the big four (also known as the top four universities here in the Philippines). Some, even applied to five or more universities. Me, on the other hand, only applied to two. The reason? I was lazy to fill out the forms. HAHAHA yes, I know it sounds lame and now you’re probably thinking what a lazy potato I am. But yeah, it’s true. It’s funny how some of my friends think that I only applied to two colleges because they think I’m too confident thinking I will pass both. But believe me, I was not confident at all. I was just chill. I was thinking if I didn’t pass both, I’ll just apply to other colleges who offer entrance tests all year round. And that was probably it.

One of my regrets was not applying to the university I really like. It was UST. But my mother disapproved; so I ended up applying to the university of maroons and the college of greens. I only passed one though. And I’m proud to say that I’m part of the green team.

Now back to the present. Yesterday, I finally enrolled to my college. I got to meet someone who looked really friendly and then we started talking about random things like braces, food, and dentists. Soon enough we were laughing and we exchanged schedules to see if we have the same classes together. Surprisingly, we did! She turned out to be my blockmate hahaha. It’s weird. I never thought I could meet a new friend (or is it too soon to label her as a “friend”?? omg).

I do hope I could make new friends in college. Sometimes I prefer to be alone and tend to be selfish but my mother would always say to me that “no man is an island” and I really can’t survive college without any friends.

Other than that, I also hope that I can get rid of my bad habits (yes, the laziness is definitely  numero uno). And also study harder hoping to make it at least in the dean’s lister (I want to repay my mother and brothers for working really hard in order to pay the expensive tuition). Then again, enough with the “hoping“, Marian. It’s more of the “doing“. I should really keep that in mind.

College. Only 10 days to go. I do wonder what adventure awaits.


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