Window Shopping


You know that moment when go inside your favorite shop, you saw one piece of clothing that you really love and you decided to buy it. Unfortunately, something suddenly hits you—the price. After seeing the label,—depressed—you slowly put back the item to where it belongs. Story of my life guys. This happens to me almost every time I go to Zara, Topshop, Forever 21, Cotton On, and other expensive shops I find in the mall. Sigh. Deep deep sigh.

Look. It’s not like I don’t have the money (loljk. okay sometimes I really don’t have the money) but there are times when I just have second thoughts like “is this really worth it?” or “I could buy lots of other things instead of buying this one piece of item..maybe I should just save”. Finally, I go on and on with my indecisive thoughts and leave it at that.

Recently, as I have been window shopping, my wallet has been itching to buy these items for quite some time now. But then again, the price slaps on my face. And ughhh…I can’t help but answer back, nevermind. I’ll just buy that when I’m rich. But then again, TO BUY OR NOT TO BUY THAT IS THE QUESTION. Insert hashtag Marian’s first world problems here.

Anyhoo, here are my summer fashion cravings!!

  1. Beanie. Perfect for a casual outfit or a laid-back look. I was inspired by this:Image
  2. Statement Necklace. I don’t really have one. But I do think a statement necklace would make my plain tank-tops less boring.
  3. Skater Skirt. Now I know what you’re thinking, Marian wears skirts?!?! Well, no. Not often. rarely even. But I’m thinking of revamping my closet…soooo why not? I’ll give the skirt a shot.
  4. Creepers and Gladiator Sandals. Creepers. Who wouldn’t want to look taller and feel comfy at the same time, right? Sadly, its only available in Japan. boo. As for the gladiator sandals, I just want a new one because the one I have finally gave in. Creepers are inspired by Izumi NagaiImage
  5. Sweatshirts, Tank-tops and Studded shorts. (a.k.a hipster clothes)  I don’t know man. Perhaps for lazy days.
  6. Bracelets. My favorite accessory! specifically, handmade bracelets. hihi.

Welp, that’s all for today. Should buy them or not?!? gahh. who knows. Thanks for reading!!:)


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