I have this bad habit of over-thinking of what people say or think about me. I know, it’s stupid; but sometimes I really can’t help poison my mind with the judgment of others. I am sensitive. And I hate it. 609649181897ab8b23d21c528062608d

Truth is, people are judgmental. Some people judge you as if they are gods who know what is right and what is wrong. Others, judge you at first glance. They judge your life without even knowing your story. It really irritates me when people criticize. Haven’t they thought “hey, maybe this girl is acting this way because of her family; or maybe this girl has financial problems, maybe we should try to at least help her out”; people don’t often have second thoughts. If they do, they would rather bury them instead.

In this generation, I have observed that most people today would rather look at your flaws than your strengths. Oh that girl is fat. Oh that girl is ugly. Oh that girl is weird. When you’re in the victim’s position, you can slowly feel your self-esteem deflate. You over-think. When time comes, you change. Just to fit in. Just to please.

When you think about it, you ask yourself, why do you even bother to deal with these people? Does their judgement really matter? Someone once told me that if you cared less of what people think of you, you would be happier. You’re fat. You’re ugly. You’re weird. But you know what? maybe you shouldn’t care. As long you are being yourself and you’re happy of who you are then why the hell do other people opinions matter? It’s okay to change. But do it for yourself. Not to please everyone, but for you.

Dear self, as time comes, do have courage. Don’t let people bring you down. Have strength, and learn to defy the odds.


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